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Soundful traces to remember

In September 2023, I launched LASSÖ - N conzert por te. The concert was a moving moment of remembrance and respect for the grandeur of nature. Every note played and every moment experienced, were precious instances of connection. 

I want to thank everyone who has been part of LASSÖ, whether as musicians, supporters, or audience members. Your traces of connection and support have made this project truly special.


Stay tuned for future events and projects. Your support and participation mean a lot to me, and I look forward to continuing the journey with you.

Trace seeders

Zeno Kerschbaumer

Marco Valentin

Silvia Valentin 

Erica Declara

Carla Declara

Francesco Siri

Michaela Liotti

​Andy Pescollderungg

​Martin Prechal

Sonia Piccolruaz

Pit Kafemann

Thomas Pescosta

Erika Castlunger

Iaco Rigo

Pia Andreaus

Nicola Giuliani

Skicarosello Corvara

Carlo Declara

Samuele Riva

​Robert Rottonara

Théotime Voisin

Manfred Oberbacher Residence


​Christine Stufferin

Lorella e Antonio Vodisca


Jonas Hartmann

Claus y Barbara

Rossella Lapegna

Edith Dapoz

Patrizia Declara

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, here are the bank details:


Bank: Südtiroler Volksbank

Account holder: Emma Moling

IBAN:  IT94 D058 5658 1600 5757 1288 554 


Purpose: LASSÖ 2023 + your e-mail


Thank you for your support!

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