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I am a double bass player from South Tyrol and my love for the mountains is closely linked to my passion for music. The majestic peaks and the grandeur of nature are a source of inspiration for me. Mountains are beautiful, but they can also be dangerous, and every year people lose their lives there.


A few years ago, my cousin was buried by an avalanche in the Vallon basin, at the Sella Group in the Dolomites. From this painful experience came the idea of organizing a concert for him, and for Marco, Franz and Andreas.


LASSÖ - A concert for you is a series of concerts, which will be performed at special locations in the Dolomites where tragic events have occurred. If these sites are not accessible, a suitable and safe location nearby will be chosen. Family members, acquaintances and other interested people can go to those places together and listen to music performed by a duo, a quartet or an ensemble.

With this project I will try to create a bond between people who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. Together they can spend a day accompanied by the healing energy of music and the breathtaking mountain landscape. These concerts also offer the opportunity to learn more about classical music and to hear it live in special places. In addition, new compositions will be created especially for each project and dedicated to those who have died in the mountains.


The long-term goal is to offer LASSÖ every summer at a different site in the Dolomites.

Cultural association Arton

LASSÖ - A concert for you is supported by ARTON.


ARTON was founded in 2020 as a voluntary association. The board includes Zeno Kerschbaumer, the president, Isabel Goller, the vice-president, and Cornelia Goller and Michael Pichler, who are members. The name 'ARTON' is made up of the words 'Art', 'Ton' and 'on'. These elements describe in their combination, as well as in their intrinsic meaning, the goals of the association.

Music has the power to create bonds and to motivate us to be ourselves. ARTON integrates these elements and interweaves them with various artistic disciplines, thus contributing to diversity and plurality, essential elements for the development of our society.

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