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LASSÖ 2023
A concert for Luca, Franz, Marco and Andreas


The September of 2023 marked the beginning of the concert series LASSÖ - A Concert for You.

In the midst of the breathtaking backdrop of the Sella group, a string quintet played in memory of Marco, Franz, Luca, and Andreas, who lost their lives on this mountain. Over 200 participants gathered at an altitude of 2,500 meters next to the Franz Kostner Hut on the Vallon, to be part of this special moment. The string quintet captivated the audience with a compelling performance. From Dvorak to a piece specially composed for LASSÖ, a musical journey unfolded, capturing the beauty and tragedy of the mountains. The new composition, dedicated to Marco, Franz, Luca, and Andreas, deeply touched the hearts of the listeners and ended with a homage to a Ladin song. In this moving moment, the audience sang along with the musicians, and the connection between music and memory became palpable.

You can download the program here for more information on the pieces and the musicians.

Discover more impressions and photos from the concert in our gallery.

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